My studio

I have decided that there is a limit to the amount of chaos in a studio --- even creative chaos --- that one can handle and still remain productive.

When working on a solution my brain did not immediately think: SIMPLIFY. (bad brain) My brain thought, "Why don't you create a FANTASTIC, FUN atmosphere to work in?" Continuing with this delusional mode of thinking, I asked my brain, "So, where would you most like to work?" and my brain answered, "Duh--- Aboard Capt. Nemo's submarine, Nautalus!"

I've gone so far as to paint the walls a wonderful shade of blue --- worthy of the most wonderful vehicle in literature. But I have not yet tamed the chaos and clutter.

My only Nemoesque touch is my shelf with specimen jars.

And I hope, now that I've posted this, I will be shamed into finishing the rest of the studio.