My Poem Book for Jan/Feb 2013

More on my project about Selene:

Some people see a man in the moon, or a rabbit. But I can't help but think of the moon as female--- the Greek goddess Selene. In mythology, Selene is sister to Helios, the sun. He leads the way across the sky, but once the Goddess Nix raises her hand to bring on the night, and the evening star rises, the whole show belongs to the moon.

I loved the image of all those gods and goddesses riding in a procession .


The myths about Selene do not agree about what animal pulls her chariot. In some versions it is a team of oxen, while in others it is moon white horses. The museum in Athens has a beautiful and dramatic statue of the head of one of Selene's horses. The image is so dynamic, I couldn't resist creating my own version.


Selene has many children, including the fates and the seasons.

The four seasons were a popular motif for Roman floor mosaics (which inspired my depiction here.) I saw a lovely example displayed in the museum in York, England that dates back to the Roman occupation of that town.