Vessel from the Place of Truth

I've been interested in Egyptian art  since childhood. I remember seeing the magnificent golden image of King Tut and pouring through books to look at the photos of strange animal-headed gods, lavish gold jewelry, and (of course!) mummies. My older cousin took delight in frightening me with old black & white horror movie classics. He succeeded to a degree. The Dracula story still gives me shivers. But the mystique of Egyptian mummies won out over Hollywood. I dearly wanted to grow up to be an archaeologist and uncover the secrets of the tombs.

I never did become an archaeologist. But I still love pouring over books on the subject. I find one of the most interesting aspects is the ancient Egyptian burial beliefs and practices. In college I studied the Book of the Dead for one of my humanities projects. (I think some of the incantations read like poetry.) If possible, I try to attend any exhibit of Egyptian artifacts. A few years ago I attended an exhibition where rooms were set up like the interior of a tomb with a replica of the entire journey of the sun god through the Amduat (the Egyptian netherworld) painted on the walls.

Across from the Valley of Kings is a rich area of tombs of the artisans, scribes and managers who were responsible for building the great pyramids. This was known as "the place of truth."