Alchemist's Lunchbox

The more I read about the GMO debate, the more complex the issue becomes. For the majority of the world’s population, for whom insufficient food is a daily reality, the promise of pest-resistant crops with higher nutritional yield sounds more like a dream than a nightmare. Experts argue on both sides about safety issues, and so far no one has presented irrefutable answers.

So, I return to my confusion. To explore the GMO issue I began “An Alchemist’s Lunchbox.” I see the biologists working with plant DNA as akin to medieval alchemists who searched for ways to transform base metals into their highest idea of perfection; gold. The idea of a lunchbox containing items for a “meal” for the mind, unfolded. And, the more I worked with the metaphor, the truer it fit.

Full artist statement available in work.


Alchemist's Lunchbox is inkjet printed on superfine cover paper from original ink & acrylic paintings.

Art, design and poetry by: Mari Eckstein Gower

Fabrication by: Kat Gower.

This is an edition of 14 books created in 2013.

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