Bone Garden

I began The Bone Garden while undergoing physical therapy after knee replacement surgery. That difficult recovery period left me feeling depressed and broken. Being housebound during an unusually hot summer did nothing to relieve my desire to escape. When I looked out my windows it seemed like I could actually watch the weeds overgrowing my garden. It seemed like an appropriate metaphor for what was going on with my body.

So I turned to art as a way to remind myself that even broken things can be rebuilt: knees can mend, souls can be revived and, eventually, gardens can be tended.

The Bone Garden is inkjet printed on superfine cover paper from original ink & acrylic paintings.

Art, design and poetry by: Mari Eckstein Gower

Fabrication by: Kat Gower.

This is an edition of 30 books created in 2016.

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