Each time I dig in my garden, I’m reminded how alive and dynamic the soil is. As I work I encounter the obvious burrowers: rabbits, moles and other small mammals. My compost pile wriggles with insect life. But I’ve learned that soil is also home to less visible creatures such as: bacteria, algae, fungi, and protozoa.

Using biochemical processes such as nitrogen fixation, these organisms affect the structure and stability of soil. They contribute to plant growth and the success of the overall soil ecosystem.

By many estimates, two thirds of the earth’s biodiversity lives in soil.  These living communities help determine the unique character and geographic profile of soil worldwide. Although one gram of soil can contain billions of microorganisms, most of them are yet to be cataloged.  This means there is much for us to discover about the creatures that live in soil.

Full artist's statement available in work.

Burrowers is inkjet printed on Superfine cover paper from original ink & acrylic paintings.

Art, design & poetry by Mari Eckstein Gower

Fabrication by Kat Gower

This edition of 40 books was created in 2016-7. It is based upon a one-of-a-kind book made by the artist in 2015 to commemorate the United Nations Year of Soil awareness.

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