Circle or Zero

All cultures have some form of creation story that struggles with the central question: “how did it all start?” And while every culture gives a different shape to the universe, they all share the similar themes and yearnings of people trying to make sense of an immense cosmos.

Circle or Zero is a way of exploring these similarities and differences. Because, while the circle and zero share the same shape, they each encompass very different philosophies:

• I see the circle as the embodiment of sacred geometry. It is observable, measurable, keeps to its boundaries, and follows rules...

• But zero is a relative newcomer that breaks the numerical rules that came before it. It doesn’t behave like any other number. It is both empty and infinite...

If “truth is beauty, beauty truth”, then there is both truth and beauty to be found in every attempt to explain the unknowable.

Full artist's statement available in work.

Circle or Zero is an edition of 15 printed on an Epson printer using Superfine text, Strathmore and Canson Mi-Teintes papers.

French box & fabrication by Kat Gower

Artwork & text © 2014 by Mari Eckstein Gower

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