Girl Interpreted

While researching another project, I began looking at Renaissance portraits of women. Studying the faces, I was struck by how very, very young so many of them seemed: like girls dressed up and forced to abandon childhood.  Reading about historical attitudes toward female children, one cannot help but be struck by how very little control most of them had over their destiny. Girls could usually look forward to being bartered or sold into marriage, the nunnery, or life as a concubine.  A few remarkable examples, like Hildegard von Bingen,  & Queen Elizabeth I, rose above the limitations of their circumstances. But the majority of girls could only hide their talents and wild hearts from the world as they fulfilled the expectations that society placed upon them.

In the book, I contrast prehistoric goddess worship, where the female was venerated, to later cultural attitudes, which reduced girl children to commodities.


Girl Interpreted is a one of a kind artist book created in 2015-16.