Holding up the Roof

According to my art history classes, architecture developed along a timeline of styles: Classical, Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical, Eclectic & Modern. Those nine categories summed up western architecture. For most of those styles, tombs, temples, palaces and cathedrals appear to be the only structures classified as architecture --- the humble house is out of the picture.

Looking at architecture on the most basic level, all structures consist of mechanisms for supporting a roof over some form of enclosure. How that roof is formed and supported is what defines the differences between Classical, Romanesque, Gothic, etc.

My interest is in the absent pieces; homes of common people, and, more significantly, the people who do not or cannot have a roof overhead.

Holding Up the Roof explores how different architectural styles developed ways to support a roof and compares them with how we view and speak about the homeless.

Holding Up the Roof is inkjet printed on superfine cover paper from original ink paintings.

Art, design and poetry by: Mari Eckstein Gower.

Fabrication by: Kat Gower

This is an edition of 25 books created in 2017

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