Lost Cities

While visiting the ancient Roman ruins at Osta Antica , I was surprised by how ‘alive’ the remains of that city felt to me. The elaborate mosaic floors and beautiful brickwork patterns on walls fascinated me. Many mosaics showed deities and mythological sea creatures, all of who seemed eager to tell their stories.

Now, I can never resist a good story. And, looking about those ruins, I thought about what old buildings reveal about past cultures. I think curiosity about buried and lost cultures is wired into the human brain. It seems part of understanding where we came from and who we are today.

I imagined creatures from the mosaics guiding me on a journey to explore the remains of legendary places like Atlantis, the hanging gardens of Babylon, and the library at Alexandria.  On such a journey there are always things one can never know. But there are also many surprises along the way.

Lost Cities is inkjet printed on superfine cover paper from original ink paintings.

Art, design and poetry by; Mari Eckstein Gower.

Fabrication by: Kat Gower

This is an edition of 15 books created in 2016

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