The Burrowers (One of a Kind)

My inspiration for this piece is the Victorian cabinet of curiosities. It seemed an appropriate format for an exhibition of artists, scientists and poets. By choosing this format I was able to include actual soil samples to emphasize the variety of textures one encounters in dirt.

While researching the subject, I was surprised to learn that approximately two thirds of the earth's biodiversity resides in soil. I chose to highlight the variety of life forms that call soil their home. In creating the book, I wanted use a structure that, as the pages spread out, would simulate the feeling of digging deep into the earth. I start with some of the larger animals (foxes, rabbits, and chipmunks) that live underground and move to smaller creatures (insects) then proceed to microscopic organisms (bacteria and fungi.)

The Burrowers is a one of a kind artist book created for the Dirt? Scientists, Book Artists and Poets Reflect on Soil and Our Environment exhibition in 2015 at University of Puget Sound.

The pages of the book were copied to create an edition version of the piece.