Vessels from the Place of Truth

One of the most fascinating aspects of ancient Egyptian culture is their burial practice. They devoted substantial effort and resources to ensuring that, after death, a person would successfully complete the journey into the afterlife. The tombs and pyramids of the pharaohs are famous for their lavish grave goods. But more important than material objects were the rituals and spells required to complete the trials of the Netherworld. Books such as the Coffin Texts, the Amduat, and the Book of the Dead provided the necessary information to do so. 

Years ago, I attended an exhibition which set up rooms like the interior of a tomb, with wall paintings that replicated the Amduat  (the sun god’s night journey through the Netherworld.) Walking through those rooms and seeing the paintings in a three dimensional setting helped me understand how Egyptians combined words and images to both tell a story and instruct. The progression reads like a combination of a guide book and an instruction manual.

Full artist's statement available in work.

Vessels from the Place of Truth is an edition of 15, inkjet printed on an Epson printer, using Superfine cover, Canson Mi-teintes and goldleaf Lama-li papers.

Clamshell box fabrication by Kat Gower.

Design, artwork & text 2015 by Mari Eckstein Gower.

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